WomxnOnTheBlock – Jiwa Saebu

WomxnOnTheBlock - Jiwa Saebu

Let us introduce you to Jiwa, our second #WomxnOnTheBlock. She is a real creative all-rounder. Currently Jiwa is studying fashion design, but she is better described as a multidisciplinary artist, inspired by grandma’s clothes, streetwear and virtual realities.

WomxnOnTheBlock is a project that visualizes and empowers the womxn OnTheBlock. To offer a platform for support and being each other’s inspiration. 

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We want you to be a part of the OnTheBlock community, where we inspire and support each other. Do you want to share your story or work with all of us? Mention @ontheblockshop in a post or story on Instagram and use #WomxnOnTheBlock. We would love to introduce you to the whole community.


Jiwa Saebu – Multidisciplinary artist
Art direction and videography by Bertine de Kramer
Photography and videography Amber Aarts