OBEY Sherman Socks (3 Pack)


• Three pack of assorted socks.
• Features custom OBEY patterns and artwork.

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OBEY Sherman Socks (3 Pack). OBEY Clothing was launched in 2001 when Shepard Fairey saw clothing as an opportunity to be creative on many levels. He saw t-shirts as another canvas for his graphics. Fairey translates his philosophy of art and personal influences into a brand that speaks to many different genres. Each season, multiple themes and ideas are thrown into the melting pot, creating a style often difficult to categorize. Because of the diversity of influences, OBEY addresses many different styles. Hitting on looks that are both classic and fashion driven. Also the brand features some of the best graphic artwork in the game.

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OBEY Sherman Socks (3 Pack)

Fit: Regular fit
Fabric: 100% cotton
Color: Faded black

Weight 2.50 kg

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