New brand: Rich City Fortune

New brand: Rich City Fortune
22 December 2018 Josine Michels
New brand: Rich City Fortune

We’re happy to announce the arrival of a special new brand at OnTheBlock: Rich City Fortune. Of course, every brand we select is special to us, but we have to show a little extra love to this independent, Amsterdam-based brand, run by bad ass babe Sara Zwanenburg.

On a random afternoon last Summer, Sara walked into the pop-up shop, told her story and showed the long sleeve she designed. We clicked right away and we decided to sell the long sleeve in the pop-up shop. The shirts sold out in no time and now we’re back for the second round. The latest drop consist of a sick vinyl coat and a set of 3 faux fur hats (that you might’ve already seen in our RIPNDIP F/W ’18 lookbook).

About Rich City Fortune

Rich City Fortune is a street style brand that has it’s focus on unique, luxurious items. Sexy, shiny statement pieces made for everyone with an attitude out there. Started through a sincere passion for garments and an unstoppable desire to go and do what ever feels right, Rich City Fortune can now proudly present the first pieces.

Rich City Fortune’s vision on fashion goes from Kim K to miss Bey, Hiphop, sex, self-expression, saying goodbye to white female flower fashion and giving no shit about anyone else’s opinion. Rich City Fortune is here for the new generation who know & love themselves and aren’t going to hide it.

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