OnTheBlock Store Closing

After almost two years, unfortunately we recently had to close down our Amsterdam store due to Covid-19.

In Summer 2019 I had the chance to make one of my biggest dreams come true: Opening a store in Central Amsterdam. After being an online-only store for almost 6 years I had the opportunity to take a new step with OnTheBlock and open a brick and mortar store. Unfortunately, 1,5 year later Covid-19 hit the world. We (all)  had to close our doors and eventually we had to make the decision to let the store go and to continue online. 

I was in the store myself (almost) every single day and I met so many cool people in the store and in the area. It was a pleasure to hang with all of you, exchange stories and hear so many kind words about the small, but cute shop we had and what we do with OnTheBlock. It's sad we had to close the store, but it's not the end of the world! It's back to online for now, but we'll be back with pop-ups before you know it!

Thank you all for your support (no matter in what shape or form), it means the world to a small business owner like myself. Hope to see you all very soon!