Donnya Zidan Directs Vulva Education for Netflix

We're all ears (and eyes!) when we see womxn from our community doing great things. Director Donnya Zidan, has blown us away with the beautiful video about the most intimate part of the female body.

To celebrate the release of the third season of the popular series 'Sex Education', Netflix asked Vigics to create a short video in line with the popular series. The talented director Donnya Zidan, who we shot for OnTheBlock a couple of years ago, came up with the beautiful 'Vulva Education'. A talking empowerment video in which various women talk about their relationship with their own vulva.

In the video, several women are asked to look at their own vulva in the mirror and tell them what they see and what their vulva means to them. In this way, Zidan wants to break the taboo that still prevails around the vulva and the "perfect" female body and encourages women to talk more openly, lovingly and confidently about their own bodies. The end result is a playful video with an important message about body positivity and self love.

All female crew

'Vulva Education' was recorded on a closed set with an all female crew, to offer the ladies who worked on the video the safest and most pleasant environment possible. Just like in the Netflix series, sisterhood plays an important role in this video and according to the crew it was important to create a safe environment, where people treat each other as equal, so that the ladies dared to expose themselves literally and figuratively.

'The project has become very dear to me. By working with a full female crew we achieved a special dynamic on set. I honestly didn't expect it to have such an impact on the energy during the shooting day, but it turned out to be the perfect, safe bubble to push each other to the max. It has certainly inspired me to pay more attention to the diversity of the crews in the future.' According to Donnya Zidan.

Go ahead and take your time to watch the full video below. The styling, the conversations, the message, it's all beautifully done and so important to share with the world.