Baddest OnTheBlock: Maria Pizzeria from London, United Kingdom

Baddest OnTheBlock: Maria Pizzeria from London, United Kingdom

Take one look at Maria’s Instagram account and you’ll understand why we fell hard for this incredibly stylish and talented mastermind. Time to get to know more about the girl with the best nickname in the game.


Who is Maria Pizzeria?
I’m Maria Pizzeria, Thai, 23. I was born and bored in Sweden, now living in East London.

What’s keeping you busy?
Right now I am doing anything and nothing. I am a freelance stylist, photographer and I also do PR. I document everything I do on my socials and blog pretty much daily. My little secret project is that I am working on starting my own creative agency with my favorite chick in the World, Leila. Keep your eyes peeled.

How would you describe your style?
Comfy first. I am always ready for a run, in case the bus never comes. My wardrobe is a mix of Baby Spice and Sporty Spice. Sneakers always!

Tell us a little bit about your musical preferences
I love the music that is on right now. I am a huge fan of Future Brown, PC music and Drake…

Are there specific people that inspire you when it comes to fashion and style?
Not really. I just follow loads of cool cats on Instagram and normally tend to get inspiration from the hood boys on the street outside my house. Sporty and chic!




Current fashion obsession Not sure if it counts as normalized fashion, but my obsession atm is Nike TN’s.
Favorite city London, no doubt
Guilty pleasure Fries and nuggets. All day, everyday
Current favourite artist/album Drake – If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and Future Brown’s debut album. I also listen to PARTYNEXTDOOR everyday.
Can’t live without… My Drake panties!
Favorite sneakers My pink and white Nike TN’s
Gold or silver GOLD, duh!
Fubu or Fila Fubu


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Stussy Banded crop top
Stussy Banded crop top
Stussy Banded leggings in black
Stussy banded leggings

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All pictures by Laura Ribeiro

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